Rafael Testai

Create radical new technologies

to solve the world’s hardest problems.


AI Python Programmer & Nonprofit Founder (2024)

Self-taught AI programmer. As a survivor of domestic violence (DV), I developed StatuteFINDER.org, an AI app that saves victims of DV using AI. Led team of data scientists, programmers, and attorneys. Over 500 users. Available in all languages. Video.

Mechanical Design Engineer of Medical Devices (2023)

Computer Aided Design (CAD), manufacturing drawings, reverse engineering. Delivered projects for: Johnson & Johnson Med Tech, Da Vinci Medical, Stryker. Trained thousands on how to use SolidWorks, CAD. Here.

EventKey mobile app: Created app & sold it (2018)

Formulated idea, dove into unknown field, recruited team, got traction, got investor, monetized. I chose to launch a real company instead of getting my MBA after I graduated from college.  Video.

Voted "The Best Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year" for Launching EventKey (2016)

Won business plan competition. Congratulated by Senator John McCain in personal letter. Video.

Graduated with Honors in Genetics (2014)

I enjoy the complexities in science, formulating hypotheses, and finding the truth.  Video


Official SolidWorks Influencer.  Teardowns & reverse engineering gadgets on CAD.

Co-host of the

"Being an Engineer" podcast. 

My episode here


Argentinean Spanish


Friends & Family

Hip-hop dancing


NBA addict




How come you have an honors degree in Genetics and aren't using it now? I am using it now because by graduating in arguably one of the most challenging majors gave me the courage to tackle any obstacle. I learned to focus on the details and be specific. Plus the scientific mindset I acquired is applicable in every area of my life. Question everything. 

Favorite podcast: Masters of Scale.

Place to travel to next: Italy. I'm of Italian descent and I have Italian citizenship. 

One book you would recommend and why: "Influence" by Robert Cialdini. It's very hard to change the world alone. I use its teaching daily to open doors. 

What's an interesting fact about you? I have to wear tube socks. 

First job: Gardening for my neighbor at the age of 13. 

What drives you? When I was 13 I was lucky enough to have my mother bring us to the US when Argentina's government collapsed. There are incredibly intelligent and gifted professionals in Argentina who would give everything to be in my shoes. I have to make a difference in whatever I do. I came to the US to make a difference. 

What you want to be doing in 10 years: Working alongside the world's top inventors/entrepreneurs.

You’ve won the lottery, what’s the first charity you give to? A Catholic/Christian charity. 

Person (non-family) you most admire: Manu Ginobili. He's a fearless competitor.

Advice you would give to your teenage self: You were right all along, you are an inventor.

Why did you put this questionnaire on your website? Because business isn't just a transaction for me. I'd like to genuinely get to know people I do business with. By opening myself up to you, I hope to be lucky enough that you share more about yourself with me, outside of what you do to make a living. 

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